25 Hilarious Car Names Guaranteed to Make You Laugh


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When it comes to car names, some automakers choose to play it safe with classic and sophisticated naming conventions. However, there are some outliers in the automotive world that have chosen to take a different approach by giving their vehicles names that are anything but conventional. From puns to double entendres to just plain silliness, these hilarious car names are sure to bring a smile to your face. Let’s take a look at some of the most side-splitting, chuckle-inducing car names out there.

1. Mazda Bongo Friendee

Starting off our list is the Mazda Bongo Friendee, a quirky name for a quirky vehicle. This compact van is popular in Japan and features a name that is as fun and lighthearted as the vehicle itself.

2. Daihatsu Naked

The Daihatsu Naked is a small kei car that was produced in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Despite its unconventional name, the Naked is a practical and functional city car known for its compact size and efficiency.

3. Mitsubishi Lettuce

Yes, you read that right – Mitsubishi Lettuce. This oddball vehicle is actually a small electric truck used for short-distance deliveries. While the name may be unusual, it certainly makes the Lettuce stand out from the crowd.

4. Nissan S-Cargo

A play on words combining “escargot” (the French word for snail) and “cargo,” the Nissan S-Cargo is a unique small van with a distinctive snail-like design. This quirky vehicle is popular among collectors for its unusual appearance.

5. Subaru Brat

The Subaru Brat, short for “Bi-drive Recreational All-terrain Transporter,” is a compact pickup truck that was popular in the 1970s and 1980s. True to its name, the Brat was known for its versatility and off-road capabilities.

6. Ford Probe

While the name may evoke some interesting imagery, the Ford Probe was actually a sporty compact car produced in the late 1980s and 1990s. Despite its sleek design and performance, the Probe’s name raised some eyebrows among consumers.

7. Toyota Pixis Joy

The Toyota Pixis Joy is a kei car sold in Japan known for its compact size and cheerful design. The name “Pixis Joy” conveys a sense of happiness and fun, making it a fitting choice for this small and practical city car.

8. Isuzu Mysterious Utility Wizard

If ever there was a name that sparked curiosity, it’s the Isuzu Mysterious Utility Wizard. This midsize SUV, known for its rugged design and off-road capabilities, certainly lives up to its enigmatic name.

9. Honda Life Dunk

The Honda Life Dunk is a compact car that was designed with urban driving in mind. Despite its small size, the Life Dunk offers a surprising amount of interior space and versatility, making it a practical choice for city dwellers.

10. Suzuki Every Wagon

The Suzuki Every Wagon is a small van that is commonly used for commercial purposes in Japan. With its boxy design and compact size, the Every Wagon lives up to its name by offering ample cargo space in a small package.

11. Mitsubishi Minica Lettuce

Another entry from Mitsubishi, the Minica Lettuce is a compact car that was popular in the 1970s. With its unconventional name and cute design, the Minica Lettuce stands out as a quirky and memorable vehicle.

12. Toyota Sparky

The Toyota Sparky is a small electric van that was sold in Japan in the early 2000s. With its eco-friendly design and compact size, the Sparky is a practical and efficient choice for urban driving.

13. Mazda Laputa

Despite its unfortunate name (which means “the whore” in Spanish), the Mazda Laputa was a small SUV produced in the late 1990s. Despite its rocky start due to its controversial name, the Laputa offered practicality and versatility for drivers.

14. Daihatsu Naked Nasty

Building on the success of the original Naked, Daihatsu introduced the Naked Nasty as a sportier and more aggressive version of the compact kei car. While the name may raise some eyebrows, the Naked Nasty offers a fun and unique driving experience.

15. Nissan Homy Super Long

The Nissan Homy Super Long is a full-size van known for its spacious interior and comfortable ride. Despite its rather mundane name, the Homy Super Long is a popular choice for families and commercial use.

16. Suzuki Cappuccino

Named after the famous Italian coffee drink, the Suzuki Cappuccino is a sporty convertible kei car known for its fun driving dynamics and compact size. Despite its playful name, the Cappuccino offers a serious driving experience.

17. Honda That’s

The Honda That’s is a compact car known for its distinctive design and practicality. With its fun and expressive styling, the That’s lives up to its name by offering a unique and enjoyable driving experience.

18. Mitsubishi Pajero

While the name may not seem particularly funny at first glance, the Mitsubishi Pajero became the subject of laughter in many Spanish-speaking countries due to the fact that “pajero” is a slang term for a certain male body part. Despite the unfortunate language barrier, the Pajero is a capable and rugged SUV loved by off-road enthusiasts.

19. Subaru Sambar

The Subaru Sambar is a compact truck that has been in production since the 1960s. With its durable design and practicality, the Sambar is a popular choice for businesses and individuals looking for a versatile and reliable vehicle.

20. Toyota Mega Cruiser

The Toyota Mega Cruiser is a large, off-road capable SUV that was produced for the Japanese military and civilian markets. Despite its rather grandiose name, the Mega Cruiser lives up to its reputation as a rugged and dependable vehicle.

21. Suzuki Mighty Boy

The Suzuki Mighty Boy is a small kei truck that was produced in the 1980s. Despite its diminutive size, the Mighty Boy offers impressive carrying capacity and versatility, making it a practical choice for urban driving.

22. Daihatsu Leeza Spider

The Daihatsu Leeza Spider is a sporty compact car known for its fun driving dynamics and expressive styling. With its unique design and performance, the Leeza Spider offers a thrilling driving experience that is sure to put a smile on your face.

23. Nissan Fairlady Z

While the name itself may not be inherently funny, the idea of a “Fairlady” sports car adds a touch of whimsy to Nissan’s popular Z series. The Fairlady Z is a legendary sports car known for its performance and style, making it a beloved choice among driving enthusiasts.

24. Honda Vamos

The Honda Vamos is a retro-styled kei car that pays homage to classic minivans of the past. With its charming design and practicality, the Vamos offers a unique driving experience that is both fun and functional.

25. Toyota Master Ace Surf

Rounding out our list is the Toyota Master Ace Surf, a vintage van known for its surf-inspired design and practicality. Despite its rather grandiose name, the Master Ace Surf offers a fun and stylish choice for those looking for a unique vehicle.


In the world of car names, there are plenty of options that range from the traditional to the downright hilarious. Whether it’s a quirky pun or a play on words, automakers have certainly gotten creative when it comes to naming their vehicles. While some of these names may raise an eyebrow or two, there’s no denying that they add a touch of fun and whimsy to the automotive world.


Q: Are these car names real?
A: Yes, all the car names mentioned in this article are real and have been used by various automakers.

Q: Do these funny car names impact sales?
A: While unconventional car names may attract attention, ultimately a vehicle’s performance, design, and price have a greater impact on sales.

Q: Are these cars still in production?
A: Some of the cars mentioned have been discontinued, while others are still in production in various markets around the world.

Q: Do automakers conduct market research on car names?
A: Yes, automakers often conduct extensive market research to determine the most effective names for their vehicles that align with their target audience.

Q: What is the process behind naming a car?
A: Naming a car involves considerations such as brand image, target market, cultural implications, and legalities to ensure the name is suitable for the vehicle.

Q: Have there been any controversial car names in the past?
A: Yes, there have been instances where car names have sparked controversy due to cultural insensitivity, unintended meanings, or offensive connotations.

Q: Do funny car names affect the perception of the vehicle?
A: While a funny car name may initially grab attention, consumers ultimately base their opinions on the vehicle’s performance, features, and overall value.

Q: Are there any regulations on what names can be used for cars?
A: Automakers must adhere to regulations governing trademarks, copyrights, and cultural sensitivities when choosing names for their vehicles.

Q: Do funny car names help or hurt a brand’s image?
A: Funny car names can help a brand stand out and create a memorable impression, but they must align with the brand’s identity and target market to be effective.

Q: Can car names be changed after a vehicle is already on the market?
A: While rare, car names can be changed post-launch due to legal issues, negative connotations, or rebranding efforts by the automaker.

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