Is “About” a Preposition in English?


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When learning English, one encounters various parts of speech, including nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and prepositions. Prepositions are particularly interesting because they help establish relationships between different elements in a sentence. One commonly used word that often raises questions is “about.” Is “about” a preposition in English? In this article, we will explore the nature of prepositions, examine the usage of “about,” and provide valuable insights into its role in the English language.

Understanding Prepositions

Before delving into the specific case of “about,” it is essential to have a clear understanding of prepositions. Prepositions are words that typically indicate location, direction, time, or manner. They establish relationships between nouns, pronouns, and other words in a sentence. Prepositions are often followed by a noun or pronoun, forming a prepositional phrase.

For example:

  • The book on the table is mine.
  • She walked to the park.
  • We will meet at 6 p.m.

In these examples, the words “on,” “to,” and “at” are prepositions that establish relationships between the nouns or pronouns that follow them.

The Usage of “About”

Now, let’s focus on the word “about.” In English, “about” can function as different parts of speech, including an adverb, an adjective, and a preposition. However, in the context of this article, we will specifically explore its role as a preposition.

As a preposition, “about” is used to indicate a variety of relationships, such as:

  • Location: The cat is about the house.
  • Direction: She walked about the room.
  • Topic: We had a discussion about the project.
  • Approximation: It’s about ten kilometers to the nearest town.

These examples demonstrate how “about” establishes relationships between different elements in a sentence. It is important to note that “about” can also function as an adverb or an adjective in other contexts.

Case Studies and Examples

To further illustrate the usage of “about” as a preposition, let’s explore some case studies and examples.

Case Study 1: Location

In the sentence, “The cat is about the house,” the word “about” indicates the location of the cat. It suggests that the cat is in the vicinity or near the house.

Case Study 2: Direction

Consider the sentence, “She walked about the room.” Here, “about” indicates the direction of the person’s movement within the room. It implies that she moved in various directions or explored different areas within the room.

Case Study 3: Topic

In the sentence, “We had a discussion about the project,” “about” introduces the topic of the discussion. It signifies that the conversation revolved around the project.

Case Study 4: Approximation

When we say, “It’s about ten kilometers to the nearest town,” the word “about” is used to indicate an approximation. It suggests that the distance to the nearest town is approximately ten kilometers.

These case studies demonstrate the versatility of “about” as a preposition in different contexts. It is crucial to consider the specific relationship it establishes in each sentence.


Q1: Can “about” be used as a preposition in other languages?

A1: Yes, “about” can also function as a preposition in other languages. For example, in French, “about” is translated as “environ” and is used in a similar manner to indicate approximation or estimation.

Q2: Are there any synonyms for “about” as a preposition?

A2: Yes, there are several synonyms for “about” as a preposition, including “around,” “approximately,” “regarding,” and “concerning.” These words can be used interchangeably in many contexts.

Q3: Can “about” be used as a preposition in formal writing?

A3: Yes, “about” can be used as a preposition in formal writing. Its usage is not limited to informal or casual contexts. However, it is important to maintain appropriate language and tone in formal writing.

Q4: Are there any idiomatic expressions that use “about” as a preposition?

A4: Yes, there are several idiomatic expressions that use “about” as a preposition. For example, “think about,” “worry about,” and “care about” are commonly used phrases that indicate mental or emotional involvement with a particular topic or situation.

Q5: Can “about” be used as a preposition in mathematical contexts?

A5: No, “about” is not typically used as a preposition in mathematical contexts. In mathematics, other prepositions such as “around” or “approximately” are more commonly used to indicate estimation or rounding.


In conclusion, “about” is indeed a preposition in English. As a preposition, it establishes various relationships, including location, direction, topic, and approximation. It is important to consider the specific context in which “about” is used to determine its role as a preposition. Throughout this article, we have explored the nature of prepositions, examined the usage of “about,” and provided valuable insights into its role in the English language. By understanding the function of “about” as a preposition, learners of English can enhance their language skills and effectively communicate in a variety of contexts.

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