Royal Rebel: Princess Kate Breaks Queen’s Food Rule


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In the realm of royal protocol, tradition and strict rules are paramount. Every detail, from the way one dresses to the way one eats, is scrutinized and expected to adhere to centuries-old customs. The British Royal Family is no exception to this, with a long list of rules and etiquette that must be followed at all times. So, when a member of the royal family breaks a long-standing rule, it undoubtedly makes headlines around the world. Recently, Princess Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, made waves by openly defying one of the Queen’s well-known food rules.

The Royal Food Rule

One of the most famous food rules set by Queen Elizabeth II is her strict ban on garlic. The Queen reportedly dislikes the pungent herb and has banned it from being used in her kitchens at Buckingham Palace. This rule was put in place to ensure that members of the royal family do not have garlic breath while attending public engagements or interacting with guests. The ban on garlic extends not only to meals prepared at the palace but also to official events and state banquets where the Queen is in attendance.

Princess Kate’s Culinary Rebellion

Princess Kate, known for her grace and elegance, made headlines when she openly defied the Queen’s garlic ban during a diplomatic reception at Kensington Palace. The Duchess reportedly requested that garlic be included in the menu for the evening, much to the surprise of the royal chefs and staff. This move was seen as a rebellious act by Princess Kate, who has been known to subtly push the boundaries of royal protocol in the past.

Implications of the Act

Princess Kate’s decision to include garlic in the menu may seem like a small act of defiance, but it sends a powerful message. By breaking this long-standing food rule, the Duchess is asserting her independence and individuality within the confines of the royal family. It also shows her willingness to challenge tradition and make her own decisions, even in matters as seemingly trivial as food preferences.

Royal Family Traditions vs. Modern Influences

The British Royal Family is steeped in tradition and protocol, with rules that have been in place for generations. However, in recent years, the younger generation of royals, including Prince William and Princess Kate, has been bringing a modern and more relatable approach to their roles. They have been praised for their down-to-earth demeanor, hands-on parenting style, and willingness to address mental health issues openly. Princess Kate’s decision to include garlic in the menu is just one example of how the younger royals are subtly challenging the old ways and infusing a sense of modernity into their roles.

The Significance of Food Choices

Food has always played a significant role in royal households, with elaborate meals and banquets being a staple of royal life. The choice of ingredients, flavors, and presentation is carefully considered to reflect the status and taste of the royals. By including garlic in the menu, Princess Kate is not only breaking a food rule but also making a statement about her own preferences and values. It shows that she is unafraid to go against tradition and is willing to take a stand for what she believes in, even in matters as seemingly mundane as food choices.


Princess Kate’s decision to include garlic in the royal menu may seem like a small act of rebellion, but it holds more significance than meets the eye. It symbolizes her independent spirit, willingness to challenge tradition, and commitment to being true to herself within the confines of royal life. As the younger generation of royals continues to redefine the role of the monarchy in modern times, we can expect to see more instances of subtle rebellion and innovation that keep the royal family relevant and relatable in today’s world.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why does Queen Elizabeth II have a ban on garlic in her kitchens?

Queen Elizabeth II reportedly has a ban on garlic in her kitchens to prevent members of the royal family from having garlic breath during public appearances and official events. The pungent smell of garlic is considered undesirable in social settings and could potentially offend guests or dignitaries.

2. Is Princess Kate the first royal to break a food rule set by the Queen?

While breaking royal food rules is rare, Princess Kate is not the first royal to challenge tradition in this way. In the past, other members of the royal family have been known to make their own culinary choices, albeit discreetly.

3. Are there other food rules within the British Royal Family besides the ban on garlic?

Yes, there are several other food rules within the British Royal Family, including restrictions on certain types of seafood, rare meats, and tap water when traveling abroad. These rules are in place to ensure the health and safety of the royal family members.

4. How does the Queen’s ban on garlic impact the way meals are prepared in the royal kitchens?

Chefs in the royal kitchens must adhere to the Queen’s ban on garlic and find creative ways to flavor dishes without using this ingredient. They rely on a variety of herbs, spices, and other seasonings to enhance the flavors of the meals served to the royal family.

5. Does Princess Kate’s act of including garlic in the royal menu signal a shift in the royal family’s approach to tradition?

Princess Kate’s decision to include garlic in the menu may indicate a subtle shift in the royal family’s approach to tradition and protocol. The younger generation of royals is known for bringing a more modern and relatable style to their roles, and this act of rebellion could be seen as a reflection of that change.

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