Top Telugu Baby Boy Names 2022: A-Z List


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Are you expecting a baby boy and looking for a Telugu name that is both meaningful and trendy for the year 2022? Choosing the right name for your little one is an important decision as it will be a part of his identity for life. Telugu names are deeply rooted in Indian culture and often carry a rich history and significance. In this comprehensive guide, we have curated a diverse list of Telugu baby boy names starting from A-Z to help you find the perfect name for your bundle of joy.

Choosing a Telugu Baby Boy Name

When selecting a Telugu name for your baby boy, it is essential to consider various factors such as meaning, pronunciation, popularity, and cultural significance. Here are some key points to keep in mind while choosing a name:


Telugu names often have beautiful meanings that reflect virtues, qualities, or aspirations that parents wish for their child. Consider choosing a name that resonates with you and has a positive significance.


Opt for a name that is easy to pronounce for your family and friends. A name that is simple and phonetically clear can prevent mispronunciations in the future.


While some parents prefer traditional and timeless names, others may opt for modern and unique names that are currently trending. Consider the popularity of the name if you wish to choose a name that stands out.

Cultural Significance:

Telugu names often carry cultural and religious significance. If you have a specific cultural background or tradition, you may want to select a name that reflects your heritage.

**Telugu** Baby Boy Names A-Z

Here is an extensive list of Telugu baby boy names starting from A-Z along with their meanings:


  • Aarav – Peaceful
  • Aadi – First, most important
  • Arjun – Bright, shining
  • Aditya – The sun
  • Arun – Mythical charioteer of the sun
  • Akhil – Complete


  • Bhuvan – Earth, universe
  • Bhargav – Name of a saint
  • Bhaskar – The sun
  • Bhanu – Sun, fame
  • Bharat – Descended from Bharat
  • Balaji – Lord Vishnu


  • Chaitanya – Consciousness, life
  • Chandra – Moon
  • Charan – Feet
  • Chirag – Lamp, light
  • Chetan – Consciousness
  • Chinmay – Full of knowledge


  • Dhruv – Unshakeable, steadfast
  • Dinesh – Lord of the day (sun)
  • Dheeraj – Patience
  • Dev – God
  • Deepak – Lamp
  • Darshan – Vision


  • Eeshwar – God
  • Eknath – Unique, supreme
  • Ekansh – Whole
  • Enak – Kind


  • Farhan – Happy, joyful


  • Girish – Lord of the mountains (Shiva)
  • Gopal – Cowherd, protector of cows
  • Ganesh – Lord Ganesha
  • Gaurav – Honor, pride
  • Gokul – Place where Lord Krishna was brought up
  • Gurpreet – Love for the guru


  • Harish – Lord Shiva
  • Hemant – Early winter
  • Hari – God Vishnu
  • Hitesh – Lord of goodness


  • Ishaan – Lord Shiva
  • Ishwar – God
  • Imran – Prosperity


  • Jaidev – Lord of victory
  • Jagan – Universe
  • Jai – Victory
  • Jatin – Lord Shiva
  • Jithin – Winner


  • Krishna – Lord Krishna, dark, blue
  • Kiran – Ray of light
  • Karthik – One who is dear
  • Kailash – Abode of Lord Shiva
  • Keshav – Another name of Lord Vishnu
  • Kiran – Ray of light


  • Lakshya – Aim, destination
  • Lokesh – Lord of the world
  • Lalit – Beautiful
  • Laxman – Lord Rama’s brother
  • Lohit – Red, made of copper


  • Mohan – Charmer, enchanting
  • Mayank – Moon
  • Manan – Reflection, thought
  • Madhav – Another name for Krishan
  • Milan – Union


  • Nakul – Mongoose
  • Naman – Salutations
  • Nikhil – Complete, whole
  • Navin – New
  • Naveen – New
  • Narayan – Lord Vishnu


  • Omkar – Sound of the sacred syllable
  • Ojas – Body strength


  • Pranav – Sacred syllable Om
  • Pranay – Love
  • Praneeth – Love, peace
  • Pranit – Modest


  • (No Telugu names starting with Q)


  • Rohan – Ascending
  • Rahul – Efficient, conqueror of all miseries
  • Rishi – Sage
  • Raj – King
  • Ravi – Sun
  • Rajat – Silver


  • Sai – Divine, holy
  • Samir – Breeze
  • Shiv – Lord Shiva
  • Surya – Sun
  • Sagar – Ocean
  • Sarthak – Well done


  • Tanish – Ambition
  • Tanay – Son
  • Tarun – Young, youth
  • Tejas – Brilliance, sharpness
  • Tushar – Snow


  • Udit – Grown, awakened
  • Utkarsh – Prosperity


  • Vedant – Knowledge, philosophy
  • Vikram – Bravery
  • Vishal – Huge, broad, great
  • Veer – Brave


  • (No Telugu names starting with W)


  • (No Telugu names starting with X)


  • Yash – Fame, glory
  • Yogesh – God of Yoga
  • Yuvan – Youth


  • (No Telugu names starting with Z)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are some traditional Telugu baby boy names?

Some traditional Telugu baby boy names include Arjun, Balaji, Chaitanya, Ravi, and Narayan.

2. Are there any trendy Telugu baby boy names for 2022?

Trendy Telugu baby boy names for 2022 may include names like Aarav, Aditya, Akhil, Chirag, and Tanish.

3. How do I choose the right Telugu name for my baby boy?

Consider factors such as meaning, pronunciation, popularity, and cultural significance when choosing a Telugu name for your baby boy.

4. Are there gender-neutral Telugu names for babies?

Yes, there are gender-neutral Telugu names like Chetan, Charan, Dev, and Sai that can be used for both boys and girls.

5. Can I combine two Telugu names to create a unique name?

Yes, you can combine two Telugu names to create a unique name for your baby boy, such as Aditya + Vikram = Adityavikram.

In conclusion, choosing a Telugu name for your baby boy is a special and meaningful experience. Whether you prefer traditional names that honor your culture or trendy names that reflect modern times, the list above offers a wide range of options to suit your preferences. Take your time, explore the meanings, and select a name that will bring joy and pride to your family for years to come.

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